Virtually dust-free blasting option

Are you afraid of sandblasting because of the dust? At Parquet Deluxe, we can offer you the option of virtually dust-free sanding, as surprising as it may seem. To do this, we use a process that retains the vast majority of the dust.

The advantages of this option:

  • It is safe for the health of the occupants while the ambient air remains healthy.
  • Reduces the cleaning work associated with conventional floor sanding and the deposition of dust in ventilation ducts.
  • Optimizes varnishing results, as your floor remains free of dust residues.

Scratches, cracks, bumped, damaged slats? Our floor repair service will save you money!

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Why choose a virtually dust-free sandblasting process?

With sanding, it is possible to give an old floor a new lease on life. However, many people tend to avoid this solution because of the dust and the embarrassing situations it causes. In order to get around this problem, another technique has emerged: (almost) dust-free floor sanding!

Although it can be more expensive and a little slower to complete than traditional sanding, dustless sanding is definitely worth the effort. It is a much wiser and more beneficial option when you want to update your floor. Indeed, the advantages it provides are not negligible.

Although the correct term is “virtually dust-free blasting” because it is impossible to remove 100% of the dust, it should be noted that dust-free blasting removes up to 99%! This is a very impressive number.

This advantage saves you from heavy cleaning work at the end of the sanding process, but also protects your family and professionals from the toxicity of the dust generated by sanding. Your furniture is also spared because it will not be covered with a huge amount of dust.

In addition to its classic function of extending the life of your coatings, dust-free sandblasting is safe for the material treated. Whether it is wood, stainless steel, copper, granite, metal, aluminum, marble, stone or bronze.
Finally, dustless sandblasting has a minimal impact on the environment compared to its classic version. This makes it an ecological and efficient technique.

All of these points make dust-free sanding an excellent value for you. So don’t hesitate to use it, and our experts at Parquet Deluxe are here to help you!

Our method for reducing sandblasting dust

Our method is based on the combination of a stripping, abrasion and vacuum system.

In order to guarantee you a high quality and practically dust-free blasting, we use a blasting machine equipped with a dust collection system. This means that all residues generated during blasting are immediately sucked up. The work surface remains clean during and after the work.

Our experience and our method have proven themselves over the years. Our customers have always been satisfied because the services provided to them have always been of very good quality.

Dust-free sandblasting machine


Equipment overview

Who can use dust-free sandblasting?

Absolutely everyone! Dust-free sanding is not limited to any specific category of person. Any individual or entity that needs to bring their floor up to date can call on a professional sanding contractor.

This can be:

  • Cafés and restaurants;
  • Hospitals, public libraries and schools;
  • Community halls and government buildings;
  • Stores, boutiques and showrooms;
  • Companies, art galleries and museums;
  • Etc.

And the list goes on! In short, wherever there is a need for floor sanding, dust-free sanding is both recommended and feasible.

Let Parquet Deluxe do your sanding for less dust

Dustless sanding is inherently less dangerous than conventional sanding. However, it is absolutely not recommended to do it yourself. In fact, unless you are an expert, it is better to leave this task to professionals.

Firstly, because dust-free blasting requires solid technical knowledge and skills. You will be confronted with difficult questions such as:

  • Which type of abrasive sponge is right for which situation?
  • What is the ideal level of pressure for a given type of scrub or support?
  • What functions do each of the buttons on the blasting machine refer to?
  • What is the preparation, execution and aftermath of a dust-free sandblasting?
  • Etc.

So many questions that must be answered before starting a dust-free sandblasting.

Secondly, because you must have the right equipment to carry out the sanding operation. This is a must! You can’t work with just any equipment, otherwise you could severely damage your coating.

For these reasons, it is best to turn to professionals in the field.

Parquet Deluxe offers qualified and responsible experts whose professionalism has been praised many times. Our solid equipment, adapted to the work and in conformity with the safety standards are also a pledge of our good faith and our seriousness.

Entrusting us with your sandblasting is not only saving time, but also money. You will benefit, as a bonus, from 60 years of experience and quality work.

You can be sure of one thing: we will take your budget into account! Even if your budget is limited, we will discuss with you the possible adjustments and find together what is best. Our main motivation is to offer you the best service at the best price.

Our promise!

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