Levelling of floors

Renovations often require subfloor correction before installing a hardwood or engineered wood floor.

Both aesthetic and useful, this operation aims to level and/or level the surface where the floor is to be installed, ensuring that the slats fit perfectly into each other and that they are all, in the end, at the same height. For a perfectly smooth floor, first consider levelling your surfaces.

With the wear and tear of time, irregularities begin to appear on a floor. When these irregularities involve deformations of the wood in places, it is necessary to proceed with a floor leveling.

In fact, floor leveling is an operation that consists of leveling the floor. This is to correct irregularities and obtain a straight and regular surface.

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When to level the floors?

There are different situations that require floor leveling. Depending on the case, the leveling work can be very complex or rather simple.

The collapse of the floor

After years of use, a floor will eventually sag. When this happens, the floor must be levelled as soon as possible. Indeed, a sagging floor can quickly lead to accidents.

In addition, it can make it difficult to move around as it can become more difficult to open a door, move properly and freely around a room, etc.

Generally, a sagging floor requires complex leveling operations.

The problems of level difference

When the level of flatness of the floor differs from one room to another or within the same room, leveling is necessary. Depending on the extent of the damage, the extent of the work may vary. If the difference in level is slight, simple adjustments will be made. But, if it is bigger, you will have to expect a more important work.

To limit future deformations

It is not only when there is a problem that floor leveling should be considered. In fact, when a partial or total renovation is planned in a building, one can take advantage of it and do a leveling. This is to avoid, or at least limit, future deformations.

In any case, it is recommended to have your floor checked from time to time in order to detect any irregularities quickly.

How to level a floor?

Leveling a floor is an operation that requires care and proper knowledge. Of course, it is not the most difficult task and you could perhaps do it yourself. However, we strongly advise against doing so because of the damage it can cause.

It is much wiser to call a professional, such as Parquet Deluxe, in order to get a quality job without incurring any risk. Your floor, your safety and your wallet will thank you.
That said, let’s take a look at how floor leveling works.

Analyze and evaluate soil conditions

Whether it is for a first time floor leveling or a restoration of an old floor, it is necessary to inspect the condition of the floor (and the old boards if there are any). It is necessary to verify that there are no irregularities already present and that everything is in perfect condition.

Prepare the material

Once you are sure the floor is clear, it is time to move on to preparing the material. It is best to manage this step several days in advance to make sure you have everything you need.

You may need some tools more than others depending on the task at hand. However, the most commonly used are: nails, a nail gun, wood filler, string, a scroll saw, white cement and a tape measure.

Free the room

The next step is to move any objects that might interfere with the leveling. It is important that nothing gets in the way of the work. Furniture and anything else that can be moved should be moved.

Proceed with the actual leveling

Clean the boards properly so that they are free of dust and make sure they are not wet. Next, use a laser and a tape measure to determine the distance between the floor and the horizontal.

Now the floor will need to be stabilized and any unevenness corrected with the proper tools.

Let the worked area rest

Finally, you will need to let the floor rest for a while. Once this is done, you can move on to varnishing.

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