Engineered wood: resistant and aesthetic

Engineered wood flooring is a floor covering composed of real wood, plywood or high-density fibre and veneer glued to the base. From 0.6 mm to more than 4.5 mm thick, real wood veneer gives the impression that a hardwood floor (solid) is installed in the room.

What are its advantages?

  • More resistant to heat and humidity than hardwood and laminate flooring.

Its several layers of plywood, whose fibres intersect, counteract the torsional effect of the floor to leave it flat and intact.

  • Can be sandblasted and regain its original appearance.

Unlike laminate flooring, engineered wood flooring can be sanded to give it a new appearance (in cases where the top layer of hardwood is at least 3.5 mm thick). Consequently, its life span is considerably increased.

Engineered wood is available in local or exotic wood species.

Psst! If you are looking for an affordable solution, laminate flooring is for you.

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