Choosing the right hardwood floor

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the hardness and specific properties of each wood species must be considered before purchase. Indeed, the denser a wood is, the more impact resistant it is. Ladies watch your high heels! Did you know that a person weighing 125 pounds will apply more than 1500 pounds of pressure to the floor from the top of their stiletto’s heel? Therefore, it is better to use dense wood in the rooms with the most traffic. Softer woods, on the other hand, can be used in more discreet rooms, such as bedrooms, while considering your lifestyle: children, animals, etc…

The humidity of the rooms also plays a major role in the life of your wooden floor. Wood floors are a living material and therefore less tolerant of our dry winters (due to heating); as a result, they could crack. If the environment is too humid, the floor will tend to swell. It is therefore important to control your home’s humidity level.

Do you know the advantages of engineered hardwood? Discover them here.

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