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In the past, it was called a floating floor. Now, when it is thicker, it is called laminate or laminate flooring. Affordable, durable and easy to install, it faithfully mimics the appearance of hardwood, much to the delight of small budgets.

How is it done?

This type of coating consists of an overlay of several layers of various materials. The core of the laminated wood board is made from a high-density pressed wood fiberboard. It is then covered with a sheet of paper on which a very high-resolution wood pattern has been printed (hence its very realistic appearance). Then, a layer of melamine resin and aluminum oxide is applied to the surface to solidify the whole thing.

Why choose it?

Laminate flooring is:

  • Impact and wear resistant (our laminate floors are 10 to 12 mm thick);
  • Available in an almost infinite range of colours and textures;
  • One of the most affordable floor coverings available on the market (ideal for tight budgets or for renovations before a home is sold).

Avoid when….

Although it is ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc., laminate flooring should be avoided when covering kitchen and bathroom floors because of its low resistance to moisture.

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