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Find everything you need to take the greatest care of your wooden floor. Whether you choose hardwood, engineered wood or laminate, our experts will be able to advise you.

The popular floor cleaners found in all hardware stores (furniture polish, oil soap, floor wax, etc.) can damage your wood over the long run and should be avoided at all costs.

Parquet Deluxe Lasalle Inc. offers you products that are effective against stubborn dirt but that are safe for wood, for your health and that of your children. Our products are designed by various renowned companies in the wood flooring industry, such as Bona, a renowned Swedish company, and Finitec, a Quebec company that stands apart and whose products are used by architects. Both companies are concerned about the environment, an important value for Parquet Deluxe Lasalle Inc. and offer quality products.

Shops, hotels and offices: protect your floor during winter

Did you know that aggressive salts—so common during the winter—are one of the worst enemies of hardwood floors? Learn more about the Bona Commercial System, a protective cleaner specially designed to breakdown and remove calcium, magnesium and sodium salts.

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