We specialize in the sale and installation of wooden floors as well as sandblasting and finishing.

To offer an even more complete range of services, we also design and manufacture custom parquet floors. Of course, we assist and advise our customers in their selection of desired wood species. Additionally, it is even possible to obtain a personalized shade. Discuss this with your representative.

Our high-quality wooden floors are durable and easy to maintain. There are several additional options available to you. Some are even hypoallergenic.

We only do business with companies that, like us, operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

The main concern of our team is the complete satisfaction of our customers and solidifying a trusting relationship with them. We guarantee the quality of our work.

Our Team

Our experts on the floor

Normand Amyot

Normand Amyot

President and Business Project Manager

Gaétan Amyot

Gaétan Amyot

Vice President and Residential and Post-Disaster Project Manager

A little history…

Touching wood

André Amyot acquired Niagara Flooring for $1500. At that time, a carpenter’s hourly wage was about $1. The main objective of the entrepreneur was to own a store that specialized in the sale of wooden floors, one where the customer could find quality and variety in a familiar and pleasant atmosphere.

Mr. Amyot founded Deluxe Flooring, a company dedicated to the installation of floor coverings. Seven years later, Amyot brought these two companies together, offering sales and installation under the same roof, with an after-sales service that stood out from the crowd. Customers express their satisfaction, and the store consistently attracted new clients

As the years go by, the company expands more and more. It was in 1995 that Parquet Deluxe Lasalle Inc. became what it is today, a company offering a wide variety of flooring products, as well as installation and finishing by qualified and competent personnel, warm customer service and an empathetic after-sales service.

Mr. Amyot’s two sons, Normand and Gaétan, who have a wealth of experience and knowledge, nowrun the company. For over 60 years, Parquet Deluxe has made wood its raison d’être! We wish ourselves 60 more, touch wood!

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